Presents the Deb Kimmett

Motherhood: The Good, The Bad The Fugly Online Show

Just about now, we all need a laugh and so to honor our stories of motherhood we are presenting an hour of comedy, music, and inspiration.

Whether your relationship with your mother was good, bad, or fugly you have to admit it’s a powerful relationship. This energy-packed show will feature a lot of talented storytellers. You will laugh, hum along and maybe even have one ugly cry.

The show will premier on Saturday, May 8th at 7 pm. DST. But the show is taped and the link is available to watch anytime for 10 days after.

Buy a ticket and we will send you the link on the day of the airing.

This is an honour system: PLEASE buy one ticket for each person watching.

If you have trouble buying e-transfers are allowed. Email 28.25 to with mother as the answer.

$5.00 from each ticket is to go to We Matter an organization run by Indigenous Youth that helps support Indigenous Youth.