Written and performed by Deborah Kimmett | Directed by Christian Smith

Dramaturgy: Dale Boyer, Libby Osler, Laurel Brady.

Napanee singer, Kim Pollard opens.

Deborah Kimmett, star of Sirius XM Radio’s hit show Downward Facing Broad, will bring her new show, Overnight Sensation, LIVE to Tamworth on April 22nd 7:30 pm.

Kimmett believes if you can’t be relevant anymore you can be funny. And in Overnight Sensation she takes you on a 60-minute romp that burns the stereotype of the older woman to the ground.


A Shaman, a healer, a stand-up, and a tour guide for aging, Kimmett has been a comic for 42 years “before women were even funny.” In her new show she takes us on a hilarious odyssey that pokes fun at the Hallmark movie Grandmas, offers tips on how to avoid a fight at Aquafit and how to forgive your biggest heckler of all: your mother.


“You will be taken from gut splitting humour to tears in the blink of an eye.”

“This show is not just relevant for the over 60 set, but also for their kids who one day may have to take care of them.”

“Kimmett made a 26 year old and a 60 ( mumble)-year-old erupt with laughter at the same time over and over again”

Strap on your seatbelt and take a 60-minute romp into the mind of one of Canada’s funniest women.

 A preview of the show here.


ABOUT DEBORAH KIMMETT Instagram @onefunnylady | Twitter @onefunnylady

Deborah Kimmett is the star of Sirius radios’ Downward Facing Broad an album that became number 5 on iTunes in 2020! After 17 years on CBC’s radio show The Debaters, she is a regular on the comedy festival circuit. Kimmett is also an accomplished writer, having written four books; Reality is Overrated, That Which Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Funnier, and Outrunning Crazy, as well as her upcoming memoir, Windowshopping For God.  As well as being nominated twice for the National Magazine Award for Humour. Her lead role in the movie Keep Coming Back debuted at the Palm Springs Film Festival, played at Whistler Film Festival, and garnered Kimmett a Best Actress nomination from the ACTRA Awards. Kimmett has also appeared on Canadian Gem shows like Frankie Drake, Tall Boyz, and Gayle Pyle.