Because COVID is busting our chops,
Because we could all use a laugh.
And because I am not getting any younger, I’m giving a masterclass on how to write comedy!
I love teaching people how to make their stories funny!
You will learn the math of humour, the 3E’s of comedy and how to build a balance between laughter and pathos! How to keep surprising your reader. And create characters that will make people laugh!
A Zoom Room,
January 9th, 2022. 10:30 am-12pm.
Sign up and I send the link!
Not only entertaining with lots of laughs, this class is chocked full of ideas you can use right away and if you can’t get to the session it will be taped so you can listen at your convenience.
I’ve been a working comic for 40 years ( regularly on CBC Radio the Debaters, Sirius FM and last comedy album Downward Facing Broad went to number 5 on ITUNES) and a teacher of comedy for 35 years! ( Second City, Toronto, Chicago, Queen’s U, Centennial College)
All levels of writers will benefit from this!
(Or free if you sign up for my 7 week Winter Writing session! Email me if you are signed up already for the winter 7 Week Session and I will send you the link!
Please come before my brain turns to soup,
And if you can’t make it this time, no problem could do me a solid? And  share on social?