Sunday, October 17th to Sunday, November 28th, 2021.

9:30-a.m. to 11:30 a.m. EST

This fall class is going to be fun!

It offers you hands-on tips that will jumpstart your memoir, blog or Ted Talk. You will learn how to map, shape and create a strong narrative for your memoir. All from a comic and storyteller with 40 years of experience writing plays, TV, radio and teaching. You can work at your own speed, in a safe community of like-minded writers who want to have their stories come to life.





You will learn how to create a writing practice that will not only get your creative juices going but will walk away with techniques that you can use for any story you want to tell.







Each week there is a theme, and using other writers to prompt memories and get you writing. There will be lots of writing in class, people who choose to can read. There is time to interact with other writers. And Deborah will leave you time to answer lots of questions. The classes are energetic and interactive. All exercises are designed so that they work for the new writer and the more experienced one.


Who is this for? For people who want to write their memoirs, blogs and Ted Talks. It is not good for scientific writing, proofing or editing and does not offer ideas on how to get published)

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