“Working with Deborah will release your writing knots and adjust your story spine. She is a wonder at getting in and finding the points that need working on. Her classes are fun, inclusive and full of wisdom. And she makes me stand up straighter.”

Alana Shields, Actor, Writer, Not a Chiropractor.

Sunday Mornings Writing in Your PJ’s.

Sunday, October 17th to Sunday, November 28th, 2021

This class offers you hands-on tips that will jumpstart your ideas. You will learn writing hacks from a comedic writer who has written for 40 years and taught for 30. You will meet like-minded writers, and get your idea up on the hoist and see how to make it better.

Great exercises to develop blogs, Ted Talks, memoirs and short stories.

This class also will feature a few students each session. This gives you opportunities to have your work read by me and read in class. It’s safe, it’s fun and a positive environment!


Comments from students this spring, 2021

Jane Hawton ( broadcaster and Justice of Peace, Toronto)

You are a fantastic teacher! I am telling everyone about your classes.

Dorothy Ann Brown( author, Kingston)

I wanted to write to thank you-the ones I took were so inspiring, so fun, so depth-digging I feel as if you should also be charging therapy prices! And your depth of preparation was stunning and much appreciated. Not many teachers are so well organized and still dancing through seven-minute segments and eternally grateful-

Lee- Anne MacAlear ( Toronto

“Your writing classes got me through the pandemic.”

Allison Ferguson ( Calgary)

  • All of the stories that were shared have stayed with me; the honesty, humility and soulfulness are memorable. Thank you to all of the writers of those stories. I’ve taken several writing workshops over the past few years, but Deb’s had provided me with some practical tools that I am using in my (almost) daily writing. What has stuck with me? So many things; the 7-minute exercise, the grace notes, mapping, the ‘suddenly’, the variety of mediums to illustrate the themes, to name a few. I’m finally reading Natalie Goldberg’s ‘Writing Down the Bones’ even though it’s been on my shelf for years. Thanks Deb and everyone! Looking forward to learning and writing more later this month.
    Bella Grundy, Toronto
    These classes have altered and exhilarated my life – Thanks, Deb.