I don’t know if you’re like me but I am a lifetime learner.search
I love doing something that opens my mind. Studying, and reading. All of that is great. But if you are a person like me who gets addicted to self-improvement.who goes from pillar to post trying to improve yourself, then maybe just for today you can give yourself a break.
There is no other person that is going to show up and live your real life. There is not some ‘real self’ who hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. The post office didn’t send your real personality to another address. The talents and abilities you have are already here. Inside of you, waiting to be listened to.
 Yes you may need to sometimes do things that remove the things that block the sunlight. You may choose to Take a course. Listen to a tape. Or read a book. These things help you to reconnect to what you have forgotten.
But they will not FIX you. The answers you are looking for already exist inside of you. You came with all the parts be a beautiful human being. You are not lacking. You are not without grace. Or wisdom.
Your greatest challenge is letting go and getting quiet enough to listen to what is beckoning you. What next step will open the door.
Stop auditioning for the part of a wonderful human being. You already have the job.