The best part of my job as a speaker is I get to meet inspirational people, like the people at Community Living.
In case you don’t know who they are the people at Community Living are a small but inspired group of front line workers who make sure folks with learning and physical challenges have access to affordable housing and are included in the community.
They brought me in to speak at their two day conference; a session that was to brainstorm ways to have people with intellectual challenges be ‘part of’ their neighbourhood not ‘apart from” it. This is no small undertaking.
Its a paradigm shift not for these workers but for the community as a whole.
This conference was to brainstorm ideas from people with years of hands on experience.
Now these workers are already working tirelessly for the vulnerable people in our community.
Often they are under-staffed and always underfunded so you’d think they might be battle weary.But no, they showed up energized and ready to roll, and to hear the message of Laughter is The Best Medicine Motivational Talk at seven o’clock at night — after a full day’s work ( and for some a long drive as well.)I have found often people who love what they do  usually want to do it better. People who are inspiring are open to being livingDuring my session I taught how improvisational techniques can help with change.  Saying yes, listening better and trusting the expertise of the team, will help with big shifts in organizations.

Then we broke out into small groups and out of their comfort zones, they  laughed, they questioned and they stayed engaged for 2 hours.

That night, after it was over,  I got into bed and thought my portion of the conference was the fun part.

I really am only the idea generator.

But they had two days ahead of them. Doing the grunt work of figuring out how those ideas will get implemented into real stragegies. They are the real inspiration.

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