Dear Diary,

Not a good day. I went to hot yoga to get the creative juices flowing. All that heat activates the creativity in the right brain especially the part at the end when you lie on your mat and nap. During the corpse pose the woman on the mat next to me starts texting, I try to be Zen and breathe deeply. I try to stay philosophical but she won’t stop pinging. I give her my best sad emoticon face but all she does is say LOL .

I do not Lol.

I’m old fashioned. I say ha, ha, ha.

People use LOL randomly. Your dog is dead, LOL. You’re fired. LOL.

Then I went home and when I went on Facebook only to find out Dali Lama had Un-friended me.

Well lets hope the Buddhists aren’t right. I don’t want to come back and do this life over again.

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