Besides a blog, this email contains info on my writing class this Sunday and how my comedy tour shows are selling out.

As the new year came to a close I didn’t make resolutions, I just looked over the appreciation journals I kept over the year. And I loved seeing what had happened. Both to me and for me. How small things in my everyday march were noted. How the good and bad butted up against each other even on the same day. The most surprising is not what I did as much as how it made me feel. That it wasn’t the accomplishments but the learning and the connecting that I noted.

Here you go:

I decluttered and redid my apt, performed with amazing comics at Danforth Music Hall, received old age security, did several CBC Debaters, and got featured special on Laugh Out Loud.

I got a Canada Council grant for touring.I studied with Storyteller Martin Shaw.

I developed a nervous tic from people-pleasing.

Saved money for 2 new teeth which will cost more than a car.

I walked at least 8000 steps 5 times a week so maybe I don’t need the car.

I played over 100 games of tile rummy, raised my pup, Burt and went to Immersive art shows, worked with fantastic directors, acted as a death doula for a friend as she prepared for MAID, and emceed her funeral.

I spent time on the ocean in Nova Scotia which was glorious. I got reconnected in Saskatchewan with a friend I so admired years ago.

I recycled more.

Then I wrote, performed and taped a second comedy album, and accepted that I will never get into the Toronto Fringe. THE BEST PART was I worked with young producers and directors who kept me on my toes.

Said NO a lot.

As well I went to perform in PEI and ate so many fish that cats followed me home.

I was with my mom the week she died. And was glad for the ritual of wakes and funerals and to be with family. The funeral director said I should be a funeral director. ( well, I have always wanted to direct.:)

I have accepted I look like my mother and there is not much I can do about it.

With many friends to help we raised over 6K for the socks fund.

I saw the arrival of my great niece, Kloe.

I did several online corporate gigs which are the worst but I did them and thanked the stars I know the timing as I couldn’t tell where any of the laughs were.

I read the book, Sapiens and realized I know very little about the history of humanity and I hired Molly Maid to clean.

Luxuriated over a book I loved every morning when I woke up.

I got arthritis and got a new Dr. who I love. She is so good, that I don’t google my symptoms before I go to her.

I treated myself to massages, asked and got rejected more than I ever have but I have started to like my mechanic even though he calls me Kiddo.

Being lucky enough to teach online I got access to folks across the country, ( which did I mention another one is starting Sunday? 🙂 Click here

I finally understand what a TFSA does.

I hung out with my kids, who are just the best. My favourite thing on earth is when they call “just to talk.” Grateful the next generation has benefitted from the work we did for ourselves.

I spent a lot of money on coffee, made endless pots of soup, and ate a lot at The Goof.

I learned the guy’s name at the Convenience Store. I thought after 6 years it was time.

I pretended Farm Boy ginger cookies were baked by me.

I got to know more of my neighbours. Especially the one who feeds squirrels on her front lawn and the one who talks loudly to her dog. It takes me an hour to get down the street with all the chatting.

And lastly, in 2022 I started saying “Giver” for no apparent reason.


“It was truly one of the best classes I have ever taken. There was as much support as I wanted and lots of “takeaways” and things to ruminate on. Deb is a terrific teacher and knows her shit. “Lisa Merchant, IMPROV actress, Second City Teacher. Improviser for Monkey Toast, Toronto, Ontario.

The Month of Sunday’s memoir writing is to start this Sunday. 4 weeks only! Finally, tell the stories you want to tell. Write in a group that is safe, fun and easy to understand.



“Kimmett is hilarious.”

Feb 4th Salt Spring Island

Feb 8th North Van ( Debaters)

Feb 11 Bowen Island.

Feb 18th Toronto.

April, Belleville, Tamworth, Midland, Stratford.