Maggie Kimmett is a 20 year-old women Queen’s U student who is raising money for women’s period products for the local Lennox and Addington Interval House. She also happens to be one of my fabulous nieces ( and nephews) who has a goal to raise $500 in donations so she can buy period products for local Lennox and Addington Interval House.

Maggie introduced me to the term period poverty and made realize how much we still stigmatize getting our period, how we don’t treat it the same way we treat other personal care products and how women fork out a lot of cash every month.

Check out her message here!

In her own words:

“My name is Maggie Kimmett. Since I have been a “period-haver”, I have been aware of our society’s stigma on the topic of periods. As a result, women experience countless times scrambling to the bathroom while trying to manage hiding period products or coughing in the bathroom trying to mask the sound of a wrapper opening.

Therefore, after years of conforming to this strange stigmatization of a  natural and monthly occurrence, I have decided to work to break the stigma and #toppletheperiodpoverty.So many young women, when first joining the “red club”, have to go through the misplaced embarrassment of trying to access period supplies.

Additionally, purchasing period products places an extreme financial burden on women. Especially, women who are survivors of unfit relationships who may not have the resources to purchase or access period products.

Let’s face it! These women have enough on their plate!

Interested in helping them? My goal for February is to raise $500 to donate period products to the local domestic violence shelter, the Interval House. ” CLICK HERE TO DONATE

A donation of just 20$ can help three women receive period products for their monthly friend!

Once purchases the products will be given to the local domestic violence shelters: the first recipient being the Interval House in Napanee, Ontario.”

So proud of her!!! Even if this is not a great time financially for you maybe you’d help a gal out and share her gofundme link on your various social media accounts! Share this link-Click here!!