Do you have a lot of ideas but don’t know how to get started?
Would you like to be coached every step of the way?
Would you like to stay in your PJ’s while you create wonderful work?

This six-session creative writing online workshop begins Sunday, Sept. 27, and ends November 8.

It’s a great class for people who write short stories, solo shows, memoir, and humorous essays.

Every week we will kick off with some prompts to get the creative juices going. Then over the six classes, we will focus on what it takes to activate desire in your protagonist, create plot and pacing, and how-to paint images and riveting dialogue that engages emotional response from your reader.

Plus there will be time to share your work (no pressure- on a volunteer basis only)

There will be a FB private group where you can visit to share your work and get inspired!

This morning class begins at 9:15-11:15 a.m. every Sunday for six sessions. ( we take Canadian Thanksgiving off)

This is a fun, safe class for all levels of writers. ( and good for visual and audio learners)

Each Session is taped and so if you miss one it’s available for 3 weeks after the class ends.

Plus you will get a completion certificate emailed to you at the end.




Cee Kaye: “A huge thanks to you, Deb. You not only create this safe space for all of us to explore what writing can be, but also for sharing so much of yourself – your wisdom, your craft, your amazing stories, your delicious wit.”

Jill Tonus said, ” Indeed, wonderful morning and well worth getting up early for on Sunday morning- just like church- Lol! You come away with inspiration and more faith in the writing process through the sharing by others and Deb’s expert guidance and teaching.  Can’t wait until the Fall sessions! 🎃🍁👏👏

Lee Anne- “You are one talented teacher. Triple threat: Comic, writer, teacher! Is there anything she can’t do?”

Cathy Cleary: An Amazing set of classes. I can’t believe how much more skilled I am telling the stories I want to tell.!

Christine Bolwell: “I call in from Indonesia. Which is 12 hours later. It is worth staying up late for me. I learned so much from everyone’s stories.

Lorraine Elder Ross Always learns so much.. thank you Deborah Kimmett, Thank you for sharing you.” 💞

Linda Kash; “Its a mani-pedi for your soul.”

Ben Walnicki: “Yoga for your literal mind.”