I recently talked to a friend about the small part of the anatomy called the Hambone. Its the small bone near the funny bone, that only kicks in when an audience is looking. As a comic and speaker I know it never fails me. And when I coach folks to hone their presentation skills I tell them they can count on it,too.

The Hambone kicks into play after you’ve rehearsed, doubted your sanity, think it sucks, had the dream where you are speaking gibberish and your are naked in front of a confused audience, then you walk on stage and say a few lines, your breath slows down, you become a boxer with a one- two punch and a click in your jaw that tells you the Hambone has popped into place. Then you’re unstoppable. You milk the pause, do an eyebrow raise, an over the shoulder double take; if you’re brave you try out a double eye rolls, and a spit take- and at this point you think you might have been the one who discovered fire. There is applause and by this invincible feeling lasts about as long as the audience takes to get to their cars and by the time you’ve gotten to Starbucks you forgot that that this part of your anatomy even exists.

If you like it share it with your wallflower friends, who need an anatomy lesson!



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