For years my doubt did me in. I’d produce solid writing or or perform pretty good comedy and afterward I’d be paralyzed with self criticism.

It took me a long time to extricate this from my being. Yes discernment and discipline are one thing but that

In my writing classes I deal this head on first thing as it underlies a lot of the reasons people get stopped in their creative tracks.

Everyone comes in wanting to be a perfect polished writer and with a series of doubt busting exercises I show them how to get past that doubt.

Why is it important to know what trips you up?

Well if you start to know what doubt looks like inside of yourself, you might get a sense of humour about it and that will help those negative comments stop sticking to you.

Also it can help with your writing.

You can use the doubting critical voice to create a strong point of view.

You can also use this exercise to get to know the doubt of the characters you put in your story.

Also knowing your inner doubt helps you when someone offers feedback. When you write stuff that is personally important to you, it’s hard to know how to sort out what is important and what is not. I wrote a blog on how to interpret feedback last week. Check it out here!

I have a free class this Wednesday at 3pm which addresses doubt, how to brainstorm and how to develop a writing practice. Send me an email at and say I am in. And I will send you the Zoom link.

If you want to come to my six week session starting March 20th -till- April 24th check it out here! Its $30 off!