I’ve gone to the farm at Lemoine’s in Kingston for a few years now and it’s a wonderful respite from the city. There are several houses on the property. And a fairly new addition to farm life has been mindfulness coach Susan Young.

Over the past year, Susan has rented me her small cottage when she left for holidays and what was initially a vacay transaction between has become a blossoming friendship. We have spent many an evening looking over the fields eating dinner in the backyard, discussing the meaning of life. I’m pretty sure we will never run out of things to talk about. When you talk to Susan you feel tended-to because she is a great listener. That’s what makes her a great friend, and writer. ( Check out her blogs here.)

But she also is a skillful teacher. I have attended Susan’s online classes and she has this way of calming you down and bringing you back to the centre. And that’s because she is centred within herself. She is a lifelong walker and meditator ( she really walks the talk.)  It seeps through her bones. She has an 8-week mindfulness class coming up on February 3rd and it’s going to be a great way to come back to yourself in this time of isolation. I can tell you it will be a great gift to yourself as Susan will help you tune in and listen to your inner promptings.


It’s on Zoom. And so easy to jump on and get some peace of mind.

She offers a sliding scale price,(it is worth every penny! )Check her out here:

Also, Susan will offer mindfulness sessions to your team online! So maybe you and your team could help her get your Zen on?