What are you building? I think this is a good question to ask a person who  is trying to lead an authentic life .What are you creating? What are you setting in place for the future? It could be something physical, like building a new house. A new business or personal project. However, some of the most important things we build are NOT what the outside world sees.


stick-frames-no-more1Or sometimes would even value. Some of you building ideas. Others are building families that are loving. Some of you are mending fences with the community. Some of you are building confidence in others by inspiring them. Or are you currently building resilience by walking through difficult times with dignity?

This kind of building often is done on vapours and blind faith.

This kind of building requires a bit vision, some gut-trusting and some sweat equity.

In order to build something you need to lay a good foundation. You need to build the basement before you start painting the walls.

Jumping ahead and constructing things in wrong order, happens a lot when I teach writing classes.

Often the first question is, “How am I going to get a publisher? Or an agent?” which would be legitimate question if they had written a book. Or even a word.

Its good to have a vision. To say,  hey I am going to write a novel. I am going to build a business. I am all into vision, but it helps to get things in the right order.

If you want to write that book, you need to explore a bit about the kind of genre you want to work in. If its a book you actually want to write, and not a short story. Or is it a stage play?

If you are starting a small business you want someone to guide you so you don’t waste a ton of money developing something that won’t get you what you want.

If you are building something you need to answer the following questions.

” What is the ONE action I can do today to push my idea  forward?

“What ONE  person, place or thing do I need to help  move this idea forward.”

Thinking of life as building something seems important to me. Its seems positive. Even constructive, if you pardon the pun.

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