Reacting negatively has become a national past time. But lets face it, not everything requires a negative reaction. A come back. A rant in the comment section. Being offended has become an International past time.

Yes you didn’t like that waitress’ tone.

The UPS guy was short on patience.

Your doctor lacked bedside manner.

And writing a Yelp post, or telling their boss or reminding them of your rights is tempting.

Yes it would give you temporary relief, a moment’s power, it would make you feel like you did something but it changes very little in the long run.

And frankly it takes up your precious life energy.

I know this firsthand. How many hours have been wasted creating cases against my enemies? I have created many rebuttals in bed at night!

The problem is if we are reacting to everything big and small we  will not have energy for the things that really matter. The important things often go untended.

But more than that it adds to our stress levels.

Pema Chodron says humans tend to accelerate the violence.


It seems to be in our nature to make a bad situation worse.

We get hooked on something and start a war over something trivial. Today there is a lot coming at us so we could be triggered all the time.

Its a hard way to live.

Experts suggest unplugging. But maybe just for today you could unplug from our own reactions. Push the pause button on your mind.

But just for today it might be okay to let a few things go.

Or at least let them be.

You can always react and give them what-for, tomorrow.

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