Even This:
Its been a struggle this year. A grind.
The foot goes out from underneath me.
Ubiquitous unease.
This life changing quickly.
An illness of a family member that has broken us wide open.
Work and economy rearranging itself like a Rubik’s cube.
I try to get smaller, like if I become a Polly Pocket doll the universe might be convinced of my insignificance and pass me over.
I keep hoping the universe will lose its reading glasses,
So it won’t know where to deliver any more lessons.

(Oh man, if one more person tells me this is a blessing
I may have to pummel them with Eckart Tolle’s book,The Power of Now, )

They are right, though.
I have been blessed.
Just not in the way I wanted.

Through it it all, I have been able to see said blessings.
Where I have been held up, protected, comforted, granted gifts too numerous to mention.
Infinite mercies that have paraded by on a float filled with casseroles and helping hands.

Through it all I have seen the gift in being able to notice these blessings.
And the generosity of each day.
Okay most days.

Small acts of kindness delivered daily to my postal code.

Softening and unfolding into even this.

Do you have a challenge at this time?
Are there micro moments
you can find gratitude?
Can I help inspire you?

Shoot me an email. I am here.  I would love to hear from you.
I would love to share what has been freely given to me!

xxo Deborah

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