The Inner World is a subtle one. It has its rules and regulations are different than the outer world. If you get stuck in the snowbank, a couple of good looking guys or a guy in the tow truck comes and pushes you out. But its not always as easy to get pushed out of the creative block.

Firstly, my experience has been its never the experience of not enough ideas; it’s often the opposite. I am thinking of too many ideas I don’t know where to start. And then I try to decide on the best plan, but when I begin, it doesn’t come out ideally, so I stay stuck in a loop of thinking the idea I left on the side of the road was better. ( Trust me it wasn’t)

This is called resistance. A part of us doesn’t want to surrender to the process. We want to control our ideas like a lousy parent controls their child. We hear ourselves saying to our fledgling ideas, “Now listen, I am going to write today, but you better be brilliant, or I am taking my pen and going home.”

This is like controlling a two-year-old child by saying, “If you make any mistakes, I will take you to the Children’s Aid.”

The subconscious and most kids tend not to respond well with that approach.

So today, knowing you can dare to make mistakes,

let’s try this exercise.


Sit down, pick up your pen, and read your story idea aloud.

Pick a sentence you like ( or even one you hate), write it down, and then drill down and expand it for 7 more minutes.

If you need someone to know you did this, email me and say, “I did it.”

But what about tomorrow’s work?

 Leave Breadcrumbs: Your mind is scared of that empty page. After you write for seven minutes, finish the day by making a couple of notes: jot down interesting things you’d like to explore a sentence you liked.

If you have time, go for a walk. During your jaunt, your mind will cut and paste things together. And come back home and spend 7 more minutes jotting down impulses and notes.

Happy Creating.

Love, Deborah

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