When I was a kid I was always creating secret clubs. Let me tell you my friends and I solved many unsolved mysteries in Napanee.

Well, I guess in some way I haven’t outgrown that.

I have now created a membership site for my web page. For a small monthly fee,  you will get members-only content. Videos and bl0gs for your eyes only! You will also be the first to read my longer funny stories, see excerpts of my upcoming comedy album, excerpts of my new memoir and readings from my play! Plus special discounts and tips for living creatively!

Why am I doing this?

Over the years I have created a lot of funny material for free. I loved doing it. Although I still give a lot of it away on youtube, social media and in my newsletter, I wanted to create a site where I could create content designed for my many special subscribers and frankly earn a living in my dotage.

If you join, today there is already a lot of content up there. Then every couple of weeks or so I will put new writings and videos on the site. You will get an email letting you know it’s there.

For a limited time only, a special price of  $50 for an annual membership.

Or if prefer 4.99 a month.

Once you sign up for the annual or monthly memberships you will receive an email that gives you automatic access.

Renews automatically! But you can cancel anytime.

You must sign up through the site.

Please no e-transfers!!  Even if you are a Wednesday Wit with Wisdom subscriber you only have an account if you have purchased something from the site. Just create an account with your own password.

If you are challenged technically or have any difficulty signing up just email info@kimmett.ca and Johanne will help you out.

Please join the club, today!