Are you telling me that I didn’t need to wait until I had
👶🏻 the kids out of the house
💻 a new office
🤵🏽‍♂️a new husband or
🏠a clean house?!
I could have been writing my memoirs now?!
Writing Wednesdays will help!
They are short 70 minute-sessions of focused writing prompts with different topics and talks each week.

It goes from 2 pm to 3:10 pm  EST.

That’s 70 Minutes of inspiration!

One talk.

3 writing prompts

A whole lot of connecting to your creative side!

Upcoming Wednesday Writing dates.

November  10, 17th

December 8, 15th!

$30 for each drop-in!

E-transfer and I will send the Zoom link!

Warning:  These writing sessions do not include a clean house, but it does include the inspiration you need to put pen to paper!