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Deborah Kimmett’s Overnight Sensation, is a collection of spicy, hilarious anecdotes with a sweet finish. 🌶️ 🍭

“My face ached from laughing so much. Bella Grundy

“The writing is so amazing…able to take you from tears to bladder busting laughter faster than the speed of light. Poignant and sensitive, personal and generic at the same time. If you can see this performance you should!!!”( Len Whalen)

‘You made us laugh and cry.” Scott White. Musician

“Thank you thank you thank you for being a vocal advocate of LGBTQ +community. As a queer person, it was so refreshing to feel seen. All the best as you move forward with this record—we love your work “Brandan White: ( creator)

“Go see this show, Deb is one of the funniest women in the business.”@Nanci Miranda. ( brilliant artist)

“Still laughing at the “we will fuck you up line.’ Michael Miranda

“From the opening moments Deborah Kimmett we laughed and laughed, and listened. The character you create and the way you bring her to life with impeccable, unbelievable comedy timing, made a 26-yr-old and a (mumble)-year-old erupt with laughter at the same time over and over, clutching each other! Then behind that character is such nuanced writing, questioning the big things, and the everyday and wondering whether they’re the same damn thing. Sassy and memorable! Whoo-hew!” Julia Bennett


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