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Publishing Date for Window Shopping For God

Window Shopping for God is a mesmerizing book of unflinching honesty, poignancy and yes, the trademark Kimmett hilarity.  Addiction, birth, death, Catholics, Buddhists, witches, therapists,  family, friends, this book has it all. Please read about Deborah’s search for a belief system, the meaning of life and good scones.  You won’t be sorry. 

—Colin Mochrie, star of Whose Line Is It Anyway? 

With this bold and honest story, Deborah Kimmett’s unique voice  

is a beacon in today’s society where women of a certain age are  

rarely seen, let alone heard. Honesty and comedy make for a  

powerful combination. As we say in the business, know your audience. Deborah not only knows her audience but she’s captured us brilliantly. 

—Tracy L. Rideout, former executive producer,  CBC Radio Comedy 

Window Shopping for God is a fun page-turner of a book. An  

irreverent, poignant, utterly readable and sometimes hysterical  

look at the dark, disturbing but mostly hilarious moments in  

Deborah Kimmett’s life. 

—Mary Walsh, comedian and co-star of  CBC’s This Hour has 22 Minutes.

As moving as it is hilarious, Deborah Kimmett’s memoir lays bare  

the life of a Second City comic. She revels in onstage triumphs  

and gets abruptly fired, dates far too many musicians, battles alcoholism finds sobriety and lurches into motherhood by birthing two babies in a year, one of them achingly premature. All the while,  

Kimmett is looking for God, and we’re with her on every step of  

her rowdy and riveting quest. 

—Lesley Krueger, author of Far Creek Road 


Poignant, vulnerable, and above all, hilarious. Deborah Kimmett  

walks us through moments big and small with honesty, self 

deprecation and a little bit of side-eye. Her ability to make us laugh  

during some of the hard times in her life might make it easier for  

us to revisit some of our own hard times with a new perspective  

that allows for a little more grace and compassion for ourselves  

and the people around us. Reading Window Shopping for God will  

make you want to sit down with Deb and wax philosophical over a  

cappuccino…and then make fun of people who wax philosophical. 

—Allison Dore, host of The Breakdown (SiriusXM)  and founder of Howl & Roar Records 

Searingly, brutally and hilariously honest!! A beautifully writ 

ten bittersweet journeys celebrating the triumph of spirit. A  

remarkable read. 

—Ron James, comedian and bestselling author of  

All Over the Map: Rambles and Ruminations  from the Canadian Road 

Window Shopping for God feels like finding a new friend. It  

made me cry because I was laughing so hard, and sometimes  

it just made me cry, in a good way. You’ll love this book if you’re  

a recovering Catholic; struggled with addiction; had an undiagnosed brain injury; lost a loved one; worked in comedy; been in  therapy; are afraid to start therapy; are a therapist; been a mother;  

had a mother; had a dog; searched for something called God… 

what the hell, you’ll love this book. 

—Kate Story, Governor General’s Literary Award finalist  

and theatre artist 

A hilarious, poignant and moving memoir from a very funny lady.  

Window Shopping for God is a must-read for anyone who has ever  

found themselves searching for meaning, only to discover it hiding  

in plain sight. I couldn’t put it down, and I laughed so hard I cried.  

This is one of those books that will make people ask, “What are 

you reading???” I highly recommend this book. 

—Colette Baron-Reid, author, educator and artist

A remarkable book, by a remarkable woman, Window Shopping  

for God will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that ricochets  

between hilarity and empathy. It is truly heartwarming. 

—David Brady, film & television producer 

If you’re looking for God, you might not find what you’re looking  

for in the pages of this book. But if you’re looking to tag along for  

an uproarious spiritual journey of self-revelation, forgiveness and  

transcendence—wherein the line between truth and memory and  

outright invention is as inscrutable as an act of divine intervention—this is the book for you. Window Shopping for God is daring,  innovative and side-splitting. 

—Joel Thomas Hynes, Governor General’s  Literary Award-winning author 



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