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Whether on the page or on the stage,  for 35 years I have used humour to open minds and heal hearts.

My motivational talks, interactive workshops, books and podcasts help you get your sense of humour back.

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Use Cloud Technology to Download Your Good Ideas Quickly.

    Sometimes we have a lot of ideas. Sometimes we have had a storm brewing about a book, a blog, a memoir but when we sit down we are too jacked up to write details. The brain is thinking too quickly.  Other times we have generalized notion of some story we want to tell, but we Read the full article…

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You were Outstanding.The reviews are in, and you hit a home run at Algonquin College’s Girls’ Night Out event! People absolutely loved you!

Jamie Bramburger Algonquin College, April 2013 Fundraising Event

If I took anything away, it was a big smile on my face from your stories. Laughed till I had tears! You are one funny, talented & crazy inspirational lady!

Attendee a K- Rock Inspiration2Women April 25th 2013

Your talk received great reviews. As the organizer, I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks for everything.

Janeeen Halliwell, We Move Forward Conference Isla Mujeres Mexico.


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Writers Come to Your Senses Podcast

Would you like to make your writing more dynamic?  Do you want to move from logical linear writing to more creative engaging ideas? Have you got a great idea but when you go to write it, it sounds nothing like what you have in your mind? Well you need to move from left brain to Read the full article…