Do you have a lot of funny stories?

Would you like to learn how go from telling funny stories to writing them?

Have you got a lot of bits and pieces but don’t know how to shape them into a story?

Well I can help you

Let me introduce myself. I am Deborah Kimmett, a writer, mentor and comic based in Toronto. I have taught comedy and improv writing at Second City for 20 years, plus developed my Seven Minute Writer Toolkit – a how to kit to unlock the writing blocks. I can be found doing mouth karate on @cbcdebaters, my comedy album Downward Facing Broad is killing it on I-tunes and in the fall I will be taping my new album w/ @howl_roar. I am the author of 3 books ( Reality is Overrated, Outrunning Crazy, and That Which Doesn’t Kill You Makes you Funnier) My new memoirs,  Windowshopping For God is about a woman who lets go of religion and finds faith in herself.

In this pre-recorded short power-packed session will show you how to shape a comedic story that will have your readers laughing out loud.

You will learn the science of a comedic set up, how to raise the stakes for the jokes, when to use dialogue, balance plot and pacing and create your own strong comedic voice in your writing. Great for blogs, short stories, memoir and Ted Talks.

The class is a series of hands-on exercises, with readings by fabulous comedic writers+ break-out rooms to try out your work with fellow writers, and lots of writing hacks from someone who has taught for forty years.

Here are some nice things people have said:

         “Working with Deborah will release your writing knots and adjust your story spine. Her classes are fun, inclusive and full of wisdom. And she makes me stand up straighter.”  Alana Shields, Actor, writer, Not a Chiropractor. Sutton

“Your hilarious writing classes got me through the pandemic.” Lee- Anne MacAlear Keynote speaker, Toronto.

All of the stories that were shared have stayed with me; the honesty, humility and soulfulness are memorable. The 7 minute exercise, the grace notes, mapping, the ‘suddenly’, the variety of mediums to illustrate the themes, to name a few. Allison Ferguson, Calgary 

    “These classes have altered and exhilarated my life  Bella Grundy, Talent agent, Toronto

You can purchase the pre-recorded session on this page:
If you prefer a live, interactive session:
Join me for my Live pop up Memoir writing class on August 13th,
Cost: $50-$100 Sliding scale: no according to your means.
Its fun, inclusive and full of great tips on how to write your memoirs! to register.