Bring back our girls is the common saying in the world. And as it makes its way around the social media circuit, I believe it would be easy to let the story fade on the perpetual loop of the news cycle.

But I challenge us to keep this in our hearts. We often abandon the most vulnerable not because we are cruel but because their suffering is unbearable for us. It’s so painful we avert our eyes.

But it is a time to stay present. It’s a time to keep the pressure up on world leaders to find these girls. And it not a time for rhetoric, comparing one kind of suffering to another, or to revert to left brain logic where we view the situation from some the cold steel perspective of politics and economics. Its not even a time for blaming the cruel and vile acts of these men ( and likely boys) or begin waxing on about the unspoken agreement that we as a species still have that girls can be bought and sold. These discussions should be left for another day.

It’s simply time to show up for these mothers in a small way that we can. To not let their story go. Hold on for dear life. As they are our neighbours. Our sisters in the all too uncommon story of violence against women. We can’t take them casseroles, we can post the story.
We can vote, pressure the Nigerian government to vote, to make these girls visible. We can pray and stay present and forbear their grief as they go through this.


Spread Awareness, Join the Movement: