My neighbours dog barked incessantly. I got mad then I looked up solutions. Leave some clothes out for dog to smell so it feels safe. They applied solutions. Dog no longer barks. All was well. Then they smoked on our shared patio. I got mad. Asked them not to smoke. They got mad. They found a solution. Created a barrier. And all was well. Then I gave them a baking gift from Wychwood Markets to welcome them to Canada. Then they gave me some of their Brazilian baking. And I can’t eat that food and I got mad because it looked so good. And then I gave Brazilian cooking to my super cute Irish neighbour. He loved it and made me scones. And I ate one and shared with the guy in the hall who constantly rants at himself. He ate it and stopped yelling: while he was chewing at least. All was well. I am thinking of applying for a job at the United Nations. #dontescalatetheviolence, #pemachodron.


Deborah Kimmett is a motivator, comic and keynote speaker.  She speaks and trains organizations all over North America on The Creative Power of Disruption. And  How Storytelling Can Help Your Leadership Skills. She appears regularly on CBC Debaters, and Winnipeg Comedy Festival. Get inspired and contact Aysun @ to book her for your next event.
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