My life coach’s office is a haven. The waiting room had a steady stream of water falling over grey rocks in the fountain. There I was sitting in a chair in front of yet another expert, asking them how they could help me get a big vision for my life.  


Live my life purpose with passion. Be my best self. Declutter my emotional closet and receive all destiny meant to give me. 


He began with the question: “What are your passions and purpose?” Which sounds like a room spray you’d buy at Bed, Bath and Beyond.


Then he gave me homework. And being a good student, I did it.


Every time we met, he’d ask, “What are your celebrations?”


Well, I wanted to celebrate not vomiting at that use of celebration.


After I told him all the things I wanted to do with my life, he seemed to be overwhelmed with the list I had. Always gave me a look like I was too old to have so many lofty aspirations. After one long litany of  energetic accomplishments, he took a long deep breath in and said, 


 “Have you ever been calm in your life?”  


What a question! I was 17 years sober and had been living on an island in the middle of Lake Ontario for 8 years. I was as calm as I was ever going to be.


My life coach took out a pen and a pad of paper.


“Do you mind if I use an analogy?” 


“Go for it. Analogies, similes, even use a metaphor if you wish.”


“Do you know those room fans you turn on in the summer?”




“I think your serenity is like one of these room fans.  As long as you are standing in front of it, you can keep cool. But you need a fan to cool down the whole house.”


“I want that too,” I said. All my life all I ever wanted is a fan like that. But this is like when a dietician says to you, “If you ate less, you’d be thinner.” It always came down to the big question.


“How? How do I get that kind of fan?”


Well, he’d tell me; for $1000 upfront and $249.00 automatically withdrawn from my bank account every month for the next year, he would tell me how.


Apparently, the central air is expensive.

There is so much need in this world. We can’t fix much, but one pair of socks at a time we can keep some feet warmer.


The 2021 Secret Santa Sock Fund has begun. This year the need has grown exponentially. Especially at 519 Church, Sistering, and The Scott Mission. Homelessness is on the rise, and more people than ever will be out in the cold, this holiday season. We buy partial wool because cotton socks do very little to keep a person warm in the elements. In fact, end up with a lot of frostbitten toes.
If you want to donate to this sock drive, you can e-transfer to NO security answered needed.
$20 buys four pairs of socks.
To date, we have received 15 pairs of socks,
11 gift certificates, $150.00 in cash and
Thanks to my aunt, Sally Ryndress,@
Lynne Cormack, Sandra Balcovske, Rache Atlas

for kicking off the giving!