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Our actions create a ripple in this world.
Our actions have consequences. What we think, do, and say has an impact. Especially today in the age of social media. Our Facebook and Instagram are our own personal broadcasting system.
What are you broadcasting every day?
Every day we have two choices what we want to broadcast to the world. We can spread depression and despair or we can spread hope.
With our words and our actions. One small act of kindness can make someone’s day. You don’t need to do a grand gesture.
Sharing something of yourself is a good start.
Giving what you have a little extra of what you have helps.
I used to think I had to do big things to be of any use at all. But some of the people I respect the most taught me just to do small acts of kindness every single day.
My cousin Veronica gave to people her entire life.  Not only did she volunteer on so many levels she is the type of person who would drop by a nursing home and visit the many forgotten faces in there.
My Aunt thinks of people all the time, constantly giving cards and encouragement to her family and giving back to her community.  My sister Karen is another person, who constantly and consistently reaches out to people visiting, giving, and paying respects.  Both my Aunt and sister really love connecting with people, in a way that I have admired and emulated.
My late Grandma and Grandpa Kimmett are two others who inspired me. There are many stories of my grandparents cooked and clothed and housed the people in their community.  Even when they didn’t have a lot to give they looked out and saw what people needed and made sure somehow they got it.
These people like many others have been my teachers. Through their example taught me you don’t need to do a lot of things to help others. One positive action today can do a lot to ease someone’s burden.
We all need to know we are seen. That we are not alone.
Kindness like this helps you. When you connect to others’ vulnerability it connects you to your own.  And in that connection, it raises your own serotonin level. Kindness is the best anti-depressant out there.
Yes, this pandemic has been brutal at times, and then add constant global uncertainty, it’s very easy to feel defeated before you even get going in the morning.  It’s easy to feel the opposite of kind- especially when the people around you, aren’t doing what you want them to do.
But I have learned through trial and error that you can cultivate the practice of kindness. Yes, it’s a practice, not a static state. You can ‘act as if’ you are kind and if you pretend you are long enough, you just might become it.
You might as well try it. You got nothing to lose.
On another note, if people are kind to you today try to receive it, gracefully. Thankfully.
For, in our lives, it’s guaranteed we will play two parts: The helper. And the helped.
So whatever role you play today accept it with some grace.
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