Are you a person who has lots of ideas, but don’t want a set time for a class?

Are you more of the Independent type?

These pre-recorded classes will get you past your barriers as a writer. They teach you how to create a good practice, develop stories that have an emotional arc. Learn the difference between anecdotes and stories that pull the reader along. How to keep your voice as the narrator strong!

These sessions are for people who need inspiration but can’t commit to a class at a particular time every week. It’s for people who want to study on their own! And work at their own pace, in their own way. Each class has a theme and prompts with interactive exercises and loaded with laughter and lots of good information. The sessions are fun, energetic and with Deb’s sense of humour will have you laughing a lot.

Ya, but who is Deborah Kimmett?

A well-known Canadian comic, mentor and storyteller Kimmett is the author of four books, 7 plays, and contributing writer for many TV episodes. She has had regular columns in Kingston Life, More Magazine, Reader’s Digest. She has written and performed (CBC Debaters, Comedy Festivals, Gayle Pile) and taught at the prestigious Second City for 20 years. And is the architect of the Seven Minute Writer Toolkit.

Nominated for  Humour Award Magazine Award and best actress in 2018 for her role in Keep Coming Back

“Deb knows her shit. She can focus a story better than anyone I know.” Lisa Merchant. Improv Teacher, Monkey Toast. Toronto.

Check out her body of work here!

What Do I Get For my money?

You get 6 pre-taped sessions. Each session is about 90 minutes long. They are high-energy, fun and safe! ( there are no live coaching or other writers. If you like a community and coaching click here

Here are the topics for each week:






Because we learn from others…

I also hired some of Canada’s finest actors to read pieces from famous memoirs so you can hear what good writing sounds like!  Plus in several sessions, writers in the class read their work and get feedback from me on the spot. So it’s as close to being in person as you can get.


Some nice stuff students said about these sessions.

Dr. Carol Clapperton, 

“I was all over the place with my ideas but Deb asked me questions that helped me focus my ideas.”

Suzzie Huston. (Student)

“I love how you approach the issues that stand in our way and inspire the creativity that is hidden in all of us. Not sure if you found this path or it found you, but you are changing lives! “

Lee- Anne MacAlear. (Motivational Speaker/ Innovator)

“Deb’s writing classes got me through the pandemic. A great comic, writer and teacher! Is there anything this girl can’t do?”

DorothyAnn Brown( author, Recycled Virgin)

“The classes I took were so inspiring, so fun, so depth-digging I feel as if you should also be charging therapy prices! And your depth of preparation was stunning and much appreciated. Still dancing through seven-minute segments and eternally grateful.”

Allison Ferguson. (Campus Recruitment Co-ordinator.)

“I’ve taken several writing workshops over the past few years, but Deb’s had provided me with some practical tools that I am using in my (almost) daily writing. What has stuck with me? The 7-minute exercise, the grace notes, mapping, the ‘suddenly’, the variety of mediums to illustrate the themes, to name a few.”

Janice Meighen, (Grief Counsellor and Weddings and Baptism Officiant.)

“Taking Deborah’s Writing in Your Pyjamas Sunday morning workshop opened me up and introduced me to the storyteller I had inside of me. She was very supportive, empowering, and honest! I highly recommend taking any one of her workshops and unleashing your own inner talents for the written word.”

Bella Grundy, (Talent Agent, Bella Agency)
“These classes have altered and exhilarated my life.”

Who is this course good for?

Independent people who like learning on their own.

Beginners who have lived a lot of great stories, but don’t know how to get those ideas down on the page. And people who used to write and want to be motivated back to the page.

The exercises are great for developing memoirs, blogs and short pieces.

(Not good for scientific or fact-based writing. I do not cover how to get published. Not good for people who want a coach or a community).  If you want a writing family sign up for my weekly newsletter and I will be announcing the new sessions soon.