This email contains a funny blog and info about the summer shows and an amazing writing workshop in Gan
“This is Constable McCracken from the Toronto Police,” the voice said on the other end of the phone. “See we’ve been knocking on your door and wondered if you were home.”
“No, I am out of town.”
“Oh good, we thought you might be ..well no one had seen you for a couple of days and there was a bad smell in the hall way and we thought it might be coming from your apartment.”
“My apartment? I haven’t been home in days.”
“Yes…well you know we thought you might be…er dead?”
“Sort of, see there was a bad smell, and it smelled like…”
“A dead old lady smell?”
“No. No. Well, yes.”( pause)
“It could be a mouse, ever think of that?”
“Oh no, it’s not a mouse…it’s like bad.”
“Like an old dead comic smell?
“What? What? So, you’re okay?”
“I was, until you called.”
( This is from the new show:)
“One of the funniest shows yet. Kimmett kills with her humour.”
August 18, 2022 12-5 p.m Toronto! ( EMAIL to pay and reserve!!)