In this email: Getting to know Your Mom.  And Mother’s Day Gifts:  Tickets for Suddenly.

Who was your Mom before she was your Mom? Isn’t that a great question, especially since Mother’s Day is coming up.

What was your mom’s life like before you were born?  Where did she come from? What struggles did she have as a young woman? What were her dreams and her hobbies? And how did  the world around her shape her reality?

Writer and Second City improviser Gina Sorell who just released her new novel Mothers and Other Strangers  asked me this question. She writes a blog about our complex relationships to our mother.

And her first question was who your Mom before she was your Mother?

It was a fascinating chance for me to look at my mom in a new and different light.  Born in the depression, on a farm, she was the 5th child in a family of ten. She was a brilliant student, a teacher and a great dancer. She was all of these personalities before she became the word, Mom.

Do you know who your Mom was before you came into the world?  If so, please share.

If  you don’t know much about her maybe this Mother’s Day may be a chance to know a little more about her story.

And for all women who are moms, have moms, and mother their friends, Happy Mother’s Day.

xxo Deborah

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:  Having a touching experience with your Mom.  Maybe buy Gina’s Book. Or get her tickets to my new show The Year of The Suddenly. I just previewed it in Peterborough and people said

” Its got more laughs than tears.”  Its very funny and very moving.” “You say what nobody dares to say, and that made me laugh.”

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