This email contains a blog about noticing life, and a new announcement and show dates.

I tell my writers weekly that noticing the details of life is one of the joys of being a writer and a mindful person. But yesterday, it was time to take my own advice.

Yesterday I flew to Saskatoon to tape a Debaters tonight at the Broadway Theatres. I had been negative leading up to this trip, a bit nervous of flying, and leaving the dog. ( The instructions I left were longer than the ones I used to leave when I left my kids.)

I also am gearing up for my shows later in July and August. I was getting all nervous about those tickets selling. ( anyone that knows me know this is my go to routine)

So basically in a speed wobble as my kids would say!

But I know I cannot control outward circumstances and I was determined to focus on how I wanted to feel by the end of the trip. Well, my first victory was taking the UP train and it was not only cheap, but fast. 20 minutes and I was at Terminal One.

Then I heard how bad the airport line ups were but I found them fast and people friendly. I stayed positive and had a great flight, even kind to my fellow travellers. I had the middle seat in the middle aisle with extra leg room- I even promised if the plane should go down to save those arrogant people in Zone one.

Promises are likely made to be broken, because if the plane was in trouble you know I’d be out of there so fast.

I spoke to stewardesses who were crabby and told them they were doing a good job.

The whole trip was good, but perhaps the cherry on top was coming out at the arrival gates and seeing a family of three arriving from the Ukraine with all their worldly woods being greeted by their host family. Tears flowed from all of us when we saw people about to start a new life. #dontmissadropofthislife.

As for my dog Burt, well you can see from the picture below he is no worse for wear.


For the first time in three years there will be an in-person memoir class, on July 7th 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 pm in Gananoque in the 1000 Islands. It will be held  at the Gananoque Arts Network so we will be surrounded by beautiful art.

But I am too far away. Of course I’d love you all to join us in person but if you live too far away, or not just ready for an in-person would you be interested in joining us via Zoom?

You’d call in like our regular online classes and you will be able to see the rest of the class live and hear them share. 

In person or on Zoom – here is the link!!

There is a $30 discount for former/and current students plus GAN members.

My New Seven Minute Writer Youtube Channel has a ton of free tips too — click here.


Toronto is July 26th, 2022

August 3 Gananoque

August 4th Napanee ( sold out-waiting list email Jo at