Playing small is not noble or at most times necessary.

Own your talent.

Share that talent.

And create enough cash to help you pay your bills is important especially for  women.
There is no need to apologize when you ask for the market value for your work.

Or think they don’t want to pay you. They may not want to pay you. But that’s not your issue. Everyone else gets paid.( the electricians, the venues, the pizza guy)

Your job is to NOT undermine your value.

When negotiating come from a place of strength and honour your own ability. People still offer women 30% less than male counterparts. That’s often the way of it.

Male counterparts in the speaking business routinely get offered 30% more Women and men do this.

This is a fact.

And, I used to get angry that I had to ask for fair prices over and over again.

I figure if I don’t ask now when would I ask?

And I do feel its an educational process for both parties.

Years ago I made a deal with myself, I’d  rather feel uncomfortable asking than be resentful for not.

So, ask, ask ask.     They can’t give it to you if you don’t ask.

And some people will say no.

Maybe they aren’t your clients. ( That’s what the amazing Aysun Basaran tells me when I freak out. Aysun is another attribute to my life. She negotiates and that frees me up to create great talks for my wonderful clients.

Playing small

People say that its not about the money are always the ones  who have no money.

The better line is its not JUST about the money.

It becomes about the money when you don’t have it.
​Its okay to have money! It’s okay to be right ​sized with your cash.

You have been brought this far, and have been honing your craft and you have a gift to offer. Part of which is your wisdom and talent. Both are big offering to this tired old world.